Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life

I've been listening to The Lumineers again. All of their music is so beautiful. And when I say that I only listen to the most recent album cause it's so good I just don't want to have to add any more wonderful-ness to my head. That doesn't make sense.

So on New Year's Eve I ended up going to Marissa's parents house in this tiny town in Ohio. Upon arrival, the power was out (side note: apparently the power was out till 10 pm on New Year's Day) and I wasn't really in a drinking mood *gasp*. We sat around all night while Marissa's mom read everyone's future with tarot cards. I was up first. I think I have a rough "near future" but it seems to even out eventually. Now I only remember what my first card was, and I'll keep that a secret. But I think it's about to come to fruition. Which I think is a necessary life event because it's honestly been such a struggle. I think that there were some big ol changes in my near future and a lot of loss, but I think it'll be for the better. I'm scared of change and I'd usually rather just be miserable than accept the change, but I feel like the older I get the less time I have for bullshit. Like I can stick things out, I guess, but what's the point? 

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