Thursday, December 22, 2016

you'll burn in hell while they're digging you out.

Update to a previous post: Apparently I'm horrible- I have an iPad Mini 4. ugh

I've been listening to "Somewhere on a Beach" by Dirks Bentley for about 3 days now. On repeat. I throw in some Coheed and Cambria for a little angst when I need it.

I'm trying to sync my iPad to my computer but I'm using relatively new technology with a computer that was created before the dawn of the iPad. I'm just a little lost. I need a new computer. I think that will be my next big break-down-impulse-buy. I'll eventually pay it off. Who needs good credit anyway when you can have a brand new Macbook that will easily sync with all of your other products?  I mean my iTunes just keeps shutting down on me. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, TECHNOLOGY GODS? This computer, I swear, is the most frustrating POS on earth. Other than the fact that it sucks in general, it's almost ten years old at this point and it was meant to last two or three. I just want to play SIMS without my computer shutting down on me, people. I want to be in the 21st century. But alas, here I sit, freezing on my couch. Out of wine. Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle burning bright. Ready for a new day.

Did I post these already? This is from a Drag show, obviously. 

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