Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the dust has only just begun to fall

Even if other people think it, I've never really been the type of person to do what other people do. I see people do things and I think "oh, cool" and then move on. However, rarely (and very rarely) I run into people I genuinely like. When I say that, I mean I like everyone, actually. Just a few people really stick with me and I latch on to them to listen to their every word like God put them on earth just to make me happy. I can count on one had the people that I believe when they tell me things, which maybe is sad...maybe not. I like to think I can think for myself though. 

I'm saying this because I've been creepily lusting after Chondra Sanchez's life. She's the wife of the lead singer of Coheed and Cambria. In a way, stalking her makes me cry because she has literally everything I've always wanted. And she has the cutest son on the planet (even if no one likes little boys with long hair except me!) Read her blog here and I think you'll like it. 

I'm listening to Imogene Heap right now. It's kinda fitting. Sitting on the couch with my new Lush mask that I've left on way past the recommended time frame, drinking my green tea with lemon. I'm watching my cute Christmas lights that I was so excited about but now make me want to scream and tear them down. There's only so much Christmas spirit in this Grinch.

In other, boring news: I'm going to buy a new computer. I guess I don't need one, but I also do need one. I've spent so much money on technology during my multiple break downs, I thought I'd buy something when I was sane. I honestly don't know anything about computers because I've never cared about them, but since this old junker is literally hanging on by  a thread (the screen on the left side has completely detached at the hinge), I'd say it's time to upgrade. I've had this baby since Junior year of college and we've had enough good times and I'm ready to grow up and move on.

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