Thursday, October 27, 2016

if i were a painter, i wouldn't change you i'd just paint you bright

So I feel like I've been in a music slump lately. I've just been switching back and forth between The White Stripes and Sam Hunt. I would ask for suggestions, however, I only like to listen to what I like to listen to. Very rare a human can make me like music they like.

I've been trying to perfect this whole cauliflower as bread/crust trend. It's really hard. But I read this recipe. They didn't turn out. I have them cooking in the oven again, maybe that'll help. And I think I'm going to put cheese in them next time, why not add some calories. You really need to be talented to make cauliflower anything! I've been sticking to broccoli crust as it's A LOT easier to work with. The cauliflower gets too wet and is really hard to work with.

Anywho, as most of you know, I had a mini mental breakdown yesterday and almost bought an Apple Watch. I will have one by the end of the year. So basically everyone needs to get me Best Buy gift cards. I've actually been doing as well as I think I can be with spending money this past month. I'm trying to do better, but there's so much that I want. I think it will be a little easier now that both Shane and Elyse are gone and I will have no one to go out to lunch with three times per week. I think that's my downfall. Normal people can eat out three or four times per week and not make much of a dent in their paychecks, but that's like almost half of my paycheck. Gotta try to stop! And be healthier.

During the Halloween season in Tarentum (my unfortunate place of work) businesses can make "scarecrows". This was my favorite. Unfortunately, the day after I took this picture, her wig mysteriously went missing. But don't worry, it was back  yesterday. 
I tried to go to the gym today but I was in so much pain, it was really hard to walk. I'm assuming this pain is because of how fat I got, yet for some reason it isn't motivating me to lose weight. Nothing really does, sadly.

I took a picture of the day I spilled coffee ALL over myself. And when I say that, I mean I had to change. 

I went to a drag show last weekend. It was an experience that I only remember small parts of....

This is pre- drag show. I knew I made a mistake when I drank two of those Yinz-a-ritas. It was good though, can't deny. 

Is this the same picture? I can't tell. 

Birthday girl!

I'm not sure why this happened...

Just waiting for the Queens. 

I don't even know what is happening. 

This is Trixie Mattel. She's pretty neat. Elyse met her right before me and told her it was my first drag show and then I made a comment about how cool her seashell purse was and she let me hold it. 

Instagram filter. 

So Shane just walked up to this Queen and I took some pictures. 

I don't know her name, but she reminded me of Khloe Kardashian, so I decided to hold on to her for dear life. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

you've been searching all around for years for someone to tell your troubles to

I really don't like most of my clients, but I have one client who has been through a lot, and I've been there with her through a lot of it. She used to be literally the craziest human I've ever met and then she had a mental breakdown, ended up in the hospital and now she's "functional". Still really crazy, but she's a good person. The point of this is because I can relate to her...In one aspect. Post- breakdown, she moved into this apartment and she was such a mess. She never cleaned and she never decorated or even unpacked her boxes. She lived in this one apartment for a year and then she moved into a different apartment in the same complex that is two bedrooms (I told her not to as it was over 800 for this new apartment. Who listens to me?)Anyway, she likes this apartment a lot better and she does very well. This client tells me that she never unpacked her old apartment because it "didn't feel right". Maybe that's how I feel. Like I know I'm not going to settle here. I try sometimes, but I still don't have anything on my walls. It's a cute little house, I can't lie and I like living here (other than my irrational fear that the house will collapse and my annoying neighbors), but like my client, something is off. I'll probably never figure it out. 

It's not like I've been taking pictures, but here are some from the last two weekends:

Eric and I went to a baseball game. That's pretty much all we do. But I love baseball games, especially when they're cold. And yeah, the lady in the back is a funny lady. 

So, as you know, we moved offices. This is our old office all torn apart and getting ready to be diced up and sent to other offices because my company is so poor and we can't buy anything new. 

 Went to the Pittsburgh Zoo with Marissa and Alaina. I love flamingos.
With a pretty lion.

Marissa and Alaina

She was looking at me :]

Alaina with the elephant totem pole.

Creepy gorillas

She really hated the gorillas and was not interested at all

There's a picture of us somewhere from when we had our interviews at the zoo. Both got jobs (mine sucked). We were super dressed up for some reason when we had our interviews for these part time, minimum wage jobs. 

This video is apparently a dance of frustration.

At the polar bear exhibit 

Shane's brother wanted to get rid of a turtle and for some reason one of our ex coworkers wanted it. So we went to his parents house to get the turtle and then dropped it off. That was a mean turtle and it hated me cause I dropped it.