Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's no big surprise you turned out this way.

So I think my pipes are actually frozen this time usually they need a new minutes to warm up in the morning but it's been hours. I could call my landlord but he won't come out anyway. And he's married so I'm sure he's doing something nice for his wife as it is Valentine's Day. I was going to shop for groceries and make some food for the weeks but it's really cold outside. It was -1 when I woke up, hence the frozen pipes. I dont want to leave the house unless it's at least in the double digits. I can't get a shower and my hair is really greasy and I can't even wash my face so... 

I'm just going to read and try to make it warm in my house, which is an impossible feat since there is zero insulation in my house. I have towels covering every surface that has cold air coming out of it. I'm not cold but my thermostat says its 62 in here. Which is better than the 57 when I woke up. I have it set for 65, but like I said, no insulation. 

I was supposed to go see a Fleetsood Mac cover band last night and I was excited for months for it, but I am limited on friends and the ones I do have didn't want to go. 

I'm just going to read today.mmaybe I'll make some couscous cause that's really all I have. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

She hopes I'm cursed forever to sleep on a twin sized mattress

So I haven't really been up to anything as usual. Basically just becoming dependent on my coworkers as I am with them or on the phone with them 90% of the time I'm not at work. And when we are at work were basically together on the phone or texting. But it's a good distraction, helped me feel a lot less sad, now I'm just used to it. 

I sad some things are permanently over and I'm sort of excited that some things are over. I won't say permanently for the things that I'm happy about as its been 5 years and he still keeps finding ways to ruin my mood. But I think if I've learned one thing, it's that there's no point in holding on to crap. This could be an in the moment revelation, but I don't feel bad about it. I'm going to just focus on work right now. I've been doing so badly lately (not January though, I think I made my numbers) that I need to focus completely on doing a good job. Cause really, what else am I doing? 

I've been slacking on some things such as laundry. Note the photo shoot that I had: 
I'm so shocked in this next one
Which prompted me to call to get my hair done I was going to get it blond again (I know) but I'm over that. Back to Black for me. Well dark brown with the red that will take 3 years to fade out of my hair. 

But alas, the snow... Go away. Though I can't really complain. We have had a very mild winter. 
My one coworker got this burger from Wendy's. He's not a vegan or anything. I cried 

See hair cut needs to happen. This is me trying to help my new coworker navigate the terrible world that is human services websites.  Also, my one coworker, Elyse and I, bought Mean Girls calendars for the three of us. I love walking into the office seeing all of our calendars. But I have so many unflattering pictures that Shane takes of me:

This is right before my battery died for the second time that week. Shane and I went to Sheetz and when I tired to leave it was dead. So he called our other new coworker, Matt to come pick us up. Matt had to drive to to my next appointment and then jump my car once we finally found someone who had cables at the office...

Funny story about this whole situation. So my uncles own a machine shop about 15 minutes from where I work. Jason stays at the shop and Byron drives around seeing clients or whatever. So my battery dies, Shane calls Matt, he comes to pick us up, drops Shane off at the office, drives me to my next appointment (he was supposed to shadow me anyway) and then I call Jason. Jason says to call Byron he's out somewhere. I text byron and ask where he is. Matt says he can jump it if we can find cables. We  find cables at the office so we drive back to Sheetz. Byron texts me back and says he's at Sheetz. I called Byron and was like "hey it's fine I'm sorry you had to drive out here. I'm in the parking lot where are you". He says he's getting coffee. He walks out to my car and he didn't even know my battery was dead. He was just also at the Sheetz. This was a pointless story, I just think it's funny. So anyway, Matt jumps my car and follows me to the Advance Auto where I spent $120 on a new battery. 

Here I am trying to do work but also having a photo shoot at the same time. No fun story with this one, just that I'm balding. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I totally get you, I was a birdcage and you were meant to fly

Now officially obsessed with The Front Bottoms