Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm falling so I taking my time on my ride.

Well I had this fairly scary dream about The Joker from The Dark Knight tying ropes to all of these girls and then hanging them in these alcoves (was in a city like setting). So Im trying to run away because everyone thought it was a joke and it was exciting, but since it was my dream I was the smart one and I ran into this building. So I'm halfway through the door and these ropes start attaching themselves to my back. I was wearing a jacket so I took that off but then they kept attaching themselves to my back. I was standing next to one of those metal railings so I clipped all of the ropes onto the railing but thankfully I woke up before I had the chance to find out what happened. Of course it's 6 am and I'm at marissa's. Not like being at home would've made me any more comfortable. Anyway, I texted my mom because I'm a baby and she asked what I thought it meant. Up until that point I assumed it was just a weird dream and then I stared thinking, and it became clear. So now I sitting on Marissa's iPad typing away.

In other events, I hate my car... But everyone knew that. So I'll tell you what happened on Friday. So I'm on my way to Johnstown to see Marissa and it's about an hour and 45 minutes away. I'm like an hour and ten minutes into my ride when my engine light starts flashing. Now I know very little about cars but I remember from the last time this happened that a flashing light is very bad. Solid light is fine, flashing needs to be fixed asap. So I called the nearest Honda dealership and the first girl I talked to said I need to pull over right away. So she transfers me to Butch who tells me to turn off the engine and start it up again. None of the lights came on so he said I should be good to drive and follow up with the Honda in Johnstown in the morning if the light comes back on. So since nothing came on and he said it was fine until the light starts flashing, I travelled on. Ten miles later it starts flashing again so I pull over at Sheetz and attempt to call the dealership where I normally take it in Pittsburgh to see what I should do. Well... I can get absolutely no service here so I'm freaking out. Then I just start up my car and all of the lights that come on are solid so I say I might as well attempt to get to marissas it's about ten more miles. So I make it to Marissas house and then we go to Honda the next day. I dropped off my car at 11 and we went to the mall. We got our ears pierced and we're excited like 12 year olds. I stupidly got the cartilage on both of my ears pierced so I had to sleep on my back last night which makes me so uncomfortable. Then finally we got tired of waiting because this was after 1 at this point so we drove back to Honda cause they never called. The service guy said that something is wrong with the rings and it's not safe to drive because it'll mess up my catalytic converter which I just got replaced a few months ago. So they're keeping my car for a few days and they gave me a loaner car. They're so much nicer here than the one I go to in Pittsburgh. The service guy kept calling me ma'am. Normally I would hate that but it was adorable. So he tells me that the Pistons need chained or cleaned or the rings need replaced or something. I told him I didn't care cause I'm so tired of dealing with this car but thank god it's a part of the warranty because I'm guessing this would be a few thousand dollars because it's scheduled to take 14 hours and they're taking apart my engine.
So we have to wait around until about 3:30 to get this loaner car. Then we finally are off to Coal Tubin. It's the reason I came up here and we finally got to go. I've been wanting to go for weeks but things kept happening. River tubing is like being on a lazy river at a water park ( or so we thought) but this is an actual river.  It was more rapid than we thought and I actually fell out of my tube when we went over this very mini waterfall. Then there were parts of the river that were too shallow to float down because the entire riverbed was rocks. We had to get out of our rafts and walk the tubes over the rocks, which was no easy task. Then we realized why the didn't encourage drinking...its hard to navigate those things while intoxicated. Over all, it was a really neat thing to do. You should look at the website because I didn't want to bring my phone in case it got wet. I would've loved to take pictures though because it was so beautiful. The allegheny river is so brown and dirty it's almost black, but you could see to the bottom and the water was the way it's supposed to be. The sky and the trees and the water were all so gorgeous it looked like it belonged in a nature magazine. I wouldn't say that it was relaxing as I assumed, but it was a lot of fun and a really cool thing to do. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Then we got some really good food from this pub in town, however, this next morning is full of regret. But that could be from the beer or the lack of sleep cause of my ears and me being so hot.