Friday, May 29, 2015

Sleeping on my grams porch again dreaming... I said, I said, why don't you just drop dead 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The battle's only halfway done; I might look young but I'm no less defeated

So I'm having more car troubles.
I'm having more life troubles and it would be nice if they just went away.

I feel like I've had the same revelation 37 times and here I am. Do you ever think "I don't need to be here [in this poaition] but I'm too tired to leave". Too tired to find something else and to waste energy on things you don't want to explain to someone else. I wish that people just came with a manual and bullet points about their lives and whatnot so you didn't have to waste time getting to know them. Like you can decide from their manual if you want to waste your time. That person wouldn't write the manual, it's just something that gets written as they grow up. 

And then you don't have to have the same conversations a million times.
"Yeah yeah yeah I know I know I know"
"No I don't freaking know" (I 100% know) 

I worked at old navy yesterday. That place is a mess. The new manager is horrible. I didn't get my schedule for this week (Sunday- Saturday) until Friday night at 9:43pm. That is ridiculous. We're supposed to get them Thursday morning at the latest. We usually got them on Wednesday with the last manager. I don't know why I'm still there, honestly. I just really like to stick around when I'm comfortable apparently. And I'm really comfortable there because I'm at the veteran status of doing whatever I want. All of the other managers know me pretty well other than the store manager. They generally let me do what I want, so I can't complain about them. But I went there yesterday and there was so much running (aka clothes in the fitting room that need put back on the floor) it was overwhelming. The store was such a mess I don't know how people were shopping. Imagine Black Friday times 3