Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bored this morning

In case anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday (I'll be 27 and very sad that I'm a year closer to the dreaded 34):
Holden in N.Y. Literary Candle - Inspired by The Catcher in the Rye // All Natural Soy Wax, Handpoured 8.5oz
I'd like this.

It's really very beautiful. 

I'd also like to do something today. I went to the outlets yesterday with two of my friends and I'm the worst person to shop with. I can't wait around for people to try on clothes when I don't want to. Then we went to BRGR and I had a meh burger. It was too expensive AND THEY DON'T INCLUDE FRIES. What kind of nonsense is that? 

Other than that I woke up at 11:00 (!!!!! what am I? 16) and I've been watching 2 Broke Girls wishing that I was Caroline. I need to go for a walk or something because it's so nice outside today and what else am I doing? Let's be honest. I've just had three cups of coffee but my uncle is working on the upstairs bathroom so I can't really go.

I guess I still need to return my redbox movie...It's getting ridiculous. I got Whiplash and I actually really liked it. It made me like Jazz music. And Miles Teller drumming wasn't too bad either (that was the reason I got it)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

ignorance is your new best friend.

So my grandma hit me with a pizza box as I was coming up the basement stairs and she is telling everyone about it. It's not that big of a deal, Grandma, this isn't the first time.

I had a very boring, unproductive weekend of drinking. Didn't I just say I don't want to drink anymore. Well, I touched alcohol three days in a row. Friday Alex and I got happy out of light up princess glasses
So basically we were the luckiest girls in the world. The Reds got those for some reason and this was the first time we used them. I think I had a decent amount because I posed an ad on Craigslist in the W4M section...I just asked for a guy who can quote FOB lyrics at the drop of a hat. I said chubby with a beard. And you know what the funny part is (not that I'm desperate and extremely sad, but...) Craigslist flagged it as inappropriate. Men write the most disgusting things. Why did they take my post down... I'm literally just trying to find someone who can jam out on long road trips with me and hold my hand at the same time. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it's a really inappropriate thing to want. 

Saturday I went out for St. Patrick's Day. We went out pretty late (7:30) as most people started drinking around 9:00 am. Half the people left a bit after we got to the bar and then the rest left a little after. So Whitney and I awkwardly sat in the corner. Some creepy guy started talking to us and I think my problem is I really can't feign interest. I mean, Whitney can keep guys talking to her cause she talks to anyone. This guy literally walked away from us because I wasn't paying attention and I thought that he was talking about potato chips. When he asked me what we were talking about I said potato chips and I guess we weren't talking about that and then he made fun of me and walked away. Started talking to someone who was actually pretty and most likely less interested than me. Anyway, I need to figure out the art of talking to people and pretending that I care. I care sometimes, but I don't care about some 32 year old man (by the way that's way too old to be out celebrating. I'm pushing the limits at 26) who is in the process of getting divorced and makes girls look at pictures of his dogs. I just don't care. Then I made a mistake, but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Wasn't a can of worms that I was secretly partially hoping for. And we went to another bar where Whitney bought us a crap ton of pizza and apparently it was a bar that I barfed in once upon a time...I miss college. We got Uber to drive us home even though I insisted on walking because I wasn't drunk and it was only mildly cold. But she got it and we got an older guy in a nice ass car. It was the most comfortable back seat I've ever been in. Then I drove home and binged on everything in the fridge and went to bed. 

I didn't get up until 11 today. I mean, I went to bed at 3:00, but still. I  hate wasting the day. I cleaned my room and then went to lunch at Aladdin's and had a falafel and ate way too much. I'm still full as hell at 10:00. I worked at Old Navy and it was lame of course. And they roped me in to working tomorrow after work too. Ugh.
I'm too nice. I drove a girl home because she had to take the bus. And Lawerenceville isn't that far out of my way. I'm trying to be nicer to people. And my manger told me that this girl is 23 and has been divorced 2 times already. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow because I'm hella low on productivity.  Had a shot of whiskey for grandpa tonight. I hope everyone had theirs.

Friday, March 6, 2015

If winter ends

It really sucks when you need to talk to someone but they don't exist anymore. They're off

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I hate to see your heart break

I'm trying to think if anything interesting has happened since I last wrote.
Obviously the answer is no.

The only thing noteworthy is that I was driving around at work and I found a two year old boy standing in the snow in the middle of the road wearing a diaper. I still can't believe that happened, but I try not to think about it and the consequences. I spent a lot of money on bras today...Ugh I really need to stop online shopping. At least for me, nothing ever fits so I end up sending it back anyway.

In other news, I'm over winter. I've never been more ready for summer than right now. I honestly can't remember a time where I wasn't freezing or worried about slipping on ice. Which I did. For the first time ever. My wrist still hurts and that was on Tuesday. All it ever does is snow. I'm sick of wearing leggings and two pairs of socks and thermals and hats and gloves and scarves. I hate my arms but what I wouldn't give to wear a tank top. And to sit on my porch and read a book. As we all know, the second the summer hits I will be complaining to no end about how hot I am and how much I hate sweating. But we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also, I've never really liked Paramore, but I do like their newest CD. Then I found this acoustic version and I cry it's so good.

take this to your grave, and i'll take it to mine

  • was looking up FOB on Tumblr and I stumbled upon this thing. I'm bored and I have my computer open so here you go:

  • Growing up:What do you want to do when you're older?-- Well, I think that I'm at that point when I'm old enough to know what I want to do...Maybe I'm not, I'm not sure. At this moment, what I'm doing is 100% not what I plan on doing the rest of my life. I think that the whole Librarian thing is still an option. Honestly, I never really think that I'm going to get older, you know. I'll never get to the point when I'm an actual adult who makes choices and goes to bed on time and pays bills on time without the help of direct deposit and has friends that get married. I'll forever be 23 it feels like, no matter how mature I get. 
  • Honorable mention:Ever been someone's second choice?- I don't believe I've ever been anything else other than second choice. 
  • Grand theft autumn:Ever been "the other guy/girl"?- Unfortunately. I can't even be sure if it was by choice or not. I knew what was happening. I mean, does it really even matter in the end? People are horrible. I mean we've all done it and it's happened to everyone. At least when I do it, no one finds out because I'm not an idiot. 
  • Grenade jumper:A friend who's always been there for you. I think that I've never really been in a situation where I really needed anyone else. But I like to think that the people that I'm friends with now are good people who (hopefully) enjoy my company and if I ever was going through something really bad, they would be there for me. 
  • Saturday:Something you've always wanted to do?- Go to the Grand Canyon. 
  • I've got a dark alley and a bad idea...:Ever stayed in a dead relationship?  I'm not sure how to answer that. I guess so. 
  • Nobody puts baby in the corner:Any serious romantic endeavors not many other people know about? I guess a few. I've never talked about the people that I dated before I graduated college. It's not like there were many, but for some reason I just don't talk about those guys. I think that I've brought them up maybe once to like one person. And some I've never mentioned. I guess when I turned 23 I just started telling everyone about everyone. Except, not really. Cause there are some inbetween 23 and 26 that very few people know about. Like some that maybe no one knows. 
  • Dance, dance:Talk about the person you are currently interested in . Well, he works at Get Go in the mornings... Sike. No one. I have literally no one. 
  • Snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers:Share a secret. No thanks. 
  • Thriller:What's a difficult obstacle you've overcome? Literally nothing. Why is my life so boring? 
  • The (after) life of the party:Hardest drug you've done. Nyquil 
  • Golden:How do you think the world sees you? Cynical, yet I smile a lot. 
  • This ain't a scene it's an arms race:How do you feel about the music industry? I really have no opinion as long as they keep making music, I'll be okay. 
  • Lake effect kid:Where did you grow up? Born near St. Louis, moved to California MD when I was 7 then to Pittsburgh when I was 18. 
  • Alpha dog:What's something you're good at? Oh, this is funny...nothing. 
  • I don't care:Do you need attention? Depends on who is giving it and what mood I'm in. But for the most part, no. 
  • Headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet:Someone you admire/envy. Marie Antoinette. Do I need to explain why? I mean, she basically got blamed for the collapse of the French monarchy. Everyone thinks she said "Let them eat cake" and she got beheaded. She was just trying to party and make babies with her husband that never wanted to sleep with her. 
  • West coast smoker:Would you consider yourself emotionally stable? Well, I think that for most of my life I was. But lately... I really don't know. I cried yesterday when I drove past a man who had a seeing eye dog and the dog had him stop at a stop sign and wait for a car to pass. That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It needed some tears. 
  • Just one yesterday:What makes you feel nostalgic? I would say FOB, but no one ever really liked them as much as me, so looking at pictures? 
  • My songs know what you did in the dark:Ever lied about yourself for the sake of acceptance? I'm so grateful that part of my life is over. Haven't done it since college and I will never do it again
  • Young volcanoes:What helps you forget your troubles? Just not thinking about them. 
  • Save rock and roll:Something you believe in that many others have given up on. Literally nothing because I'm always the first one to get bored and walk away.