Wednesday, November 11, 2015

yeah, all your sickness, i can suck it up. throw it all at me. i can shrug it off. there's one thing baby that i don't understand; you keep on telling me that i ain't your kind of man

It's been super long since I've posted, but you all have been kept up to date on my horrible life. It's really hard blogging without a computer. I'm using my work laptop, so hopefully Mark and Joel don't go searching in my history. I also order a lot of Victoria's Secret, so hopefully they don't notice that either.

I haven't been doing much other than working. I went to Ohio for Halloween with Marissa. It was fun, but we didn't really do anything. I'm still settling into the new house, which is weird. I met my neighbor last night. He creeped me out, but whatever. Hopefully that's the last time I have to see him. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

And I know I should be home

You know when you're super emotional and this makes you want to cry. Not cause the Cubs won, because I obviously couldn't care less, but just how great it is. The caption. Old fob lyrics.

And I'm just a big emotional mess right now. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm falling so I taking my time on my ride.

Well I had this fairly scary dream about The Joker from The Dark Knight tying ropes to all of these girls and then hanging them in these alcoves (was in a city like setting). So Im trying to run away because everyone thought it was a joke and it was exciting, but since it was my dream I was the smart one and I ran into this building. So I'm halfway through the door and these ropes start attaching themselves to my back. I was wearing a jacket so I took that off but then they kept attaching themselves to my back. I was standing next to one of those metal railings so I clipped all of the ropes onto the railing but thankfully I woke up before I had the chance to find out what happened. Of course it's 6 am and I'm at marissa's. Not like being at home would've made me any more comfortable. Anyway, I texted my mom because I'm a baby and she asked what I thought it meant. Up until that point I assumed it was just a weird dream and then I stared thinking, and it became clear. So now I sitting on Marissa's iPad typing away.

In other events, I hate my car... But everyone knew that. So I'll tell you what happened on Friday. So I'm on my way to Johnstown to see Marissa and it's about an hour and 45 minutes away. I'm like an hour and ten minutes into my ride when my engine light starts flashing. Now I know very little about cars but I remember from the last time this happened that a flashing light is very bad. Solid light is fine, flashing needs to be fixed asap. So I called the nearest Honda dealership and the first girl I talked to said I need to pull over right away. So she transfers me to Butch who tells me to turn off the engine and start it up again. None of the lights came on so he said I should be good to drive and follow up with the Honda in Johnstown in the morning if the light comes back on. So since nothing came on and he said it was fine until the light starts flashing, I travelled on. Ten miles later it starts flashing again so I pull over at Sheetz and attempt to call the dealership where I normally take it in Pittsburgh to see what I should do. Well... I can get absolutely no service here so I'm freaking out. Then I just start up my car and all of the lights that come on are solid so I say I might as well attempt to get to marissas it's about ten more miles. So I make it to Marissas house and then we go to Honda the next day. I dropped off my car at 11 and we went to the mall. We got our ears pierced and we're excited like 12 year olds. I stupidly got the cartilage on both of my ears pierced so I had to sleep on my back last night which makes me so uncomfortable. Then finally we got tired of waiting because this was after 1 at this point so we drove back to Honda cause they never called. The service guy said that something is wrong with the rings and it's not safe to drive because it'll mess up my catalytic converter which I just got replaced a few months ago. So they're keeping my car for a few days and they gave me a loaner car. They're so much nicer here than the one I go to in Pittsburgh. The service guy kept calling me ma'am. Normally I would hate that but it was adorable. So he tells me that the Pistons need chained or cleaned or the rings need replaced or something. I told him I didn't care cause I'm so tired of dealing with this car but thank god it's a part of the warranty because I'm guessing this would be a few thousand dollars because it's scheduled to take 14 hours and they're taking apart my engine.
So we have to wait around until about 3:30 to get this loaner car. Then we finally are off to Coal Tubin. It's the reason I came up here and we finally got to go. I've been wanting to go for weeks but things kept happening. River tubing is like being on a lazy river at a water park ( or so we thought) but this is an actual river.  It was more rapid than we thought and I actually fell out of my tube when we went over this very mini waterfall. Then there were parts of the river that were too shallow to float down because the entire riverbed was rocks. We had to get out of our rafts and walk the tubes over the rocks, which was no easy task. Then we realized why the didn't encourage drinking...its hard to navigate those things while intoxicated. Over all, it was a really neat thing to do. You should look at the website because I didn't want to bring my phone in case it got wet. I would've loved to take pictures though because it was so beautiful. The allegheny river is so brown and dirty it's almost black, but you could see to the bottom and the water was the way it's supposed to be. The sky and the trees and the water were all so gorgeous it looked like it belonged in a nature magazine. I wouldn't say that it was relaxing as I assumed, but it was a lot of fun and a really cool thing to do. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Then we got some really good food from this pub in town, however, this next morning is full of regret. But that could be from the beer or the lack of sleep cause of my ears and me being so hot.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

the songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face.

So as of late, I've had this debilitating anxiety over bed bugs. I mean it's not like it is an unlikely thing that could happen. I haven't been able to sleep very well because I'm so worried that I have them and I'm going to spread them to people. Like I had a dream last night that Zac's goddaughter had them. And that there was one on my bed. Now, I haven't seen any and I've been very careful around the only lady that I work with that has like a 3% chance of having them, so I don't think that the odds of me having them or getting them are very likely. But still. I got a bed bug mattress cover, I've double washed all of the clothes in my room and my sheets, I'm getting my comforter dry cleaned and I got a new mattress pad. If I was wearing clothes that could have come into contact with a bed bug, I take them off immediately and put them in  a plastic bag and then wash them. BUT WHO KNOWS.
Like I think I'm at the point where I need to go see a therapist about this, it's getting that bad. Every time I feel something on my leg (you know when you think there's something there and there's not..) I freak out. I shower about 3 times a day. I can't take this anymore. Thankfully the lady that worries me is about to get transferred to case management in a different county so I don't have to worry about it. But did you know that it can take 6-17 days for these assholes to hatch. I get so worried I picked up some eggs somewhere because I don't have any bites and the websites says they're painful and you will have little spots of blood all over your sheets, which I also don't have. But still, the worry is almost unbearable. I almost cried today worrying about it so much. I need a life.

In more exciting news, I've been listening to a lot of new music because of Apple Music and all I've been doing is trying to find new music.

I actually have to work tomorrow, so that's a bummer. I've gotten used to not having to work on the weekends. My manager needs to either like me or not like me. And then I'm going to be on call next week so get ready for my anxiety to be through the roof with my bed bug paranoia and the general anxiety I get just from being on call.

Anyway, it's Saturday night and I'm about to play Sims and read. I'm so cool. But  I just don't feel like doing anything. I steamed my mattress today and vacuumed it too. And I cleaned my car and bought all of this bed bug barrier stuff so I'm kind of just tired. And all of that other stuff.

Oh! And the best news of all: You can now check out CD's from the library for 3 weeks now instead of 1 week. Think of how many less fines I will have!

Some of the artists that I've been listening to are

Elle King, George Ezra and Twenty One Pilots. I'm obsessed with all of them. Thank you, Apple Music

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

wrap up

So I finally have my computer up and working. I restored it back to its May 2015 health, let's see if that fixes any of its nonsense. 

What have I been doing since May?


 I went home for my birthday and these are the ONLY pictures I took? I never take any pictures anymore. 

 Aww the little baby isn't so little anymore :/
 Me, Whitney and Marissa. I remember taking these pictures but I didn't realize it was my phone. Good concert? YES
 Atlantic City. Drinking on the beach.

 A bird pooped on Marissa
 Dinner view
 Dinner drinks. 
 This clearly went through multiple did this mistake get past them all?
 This was the biggest escalator I've ever been on. 
 Right after I took this, some really drunk man came up and begged us to let him take our picture. 
 I think this is the greatest thing ever. 
more beach.

So clearly, I went to Maryland for my birthday. I think it was fun? I honestly can't even remember what we did. Not that I have to remember, because I know we laid in bed and watched TV. Just a different show is watched every summer. I got a nice cake for my birthday and my dad made the lasagna. Then I came home and I don't think anything happened in June that I can remember. I just hated everything and everything sucked and I just really hated people. And then July came, and all was good. I went to see FOB, which was AMAZING. They were touring with Wiz and none of us had any desire to see him so we just sat in my car and drank IC Light. We were worried about being late, but all was good. I know that we annoyed some people. No one gets that excited at these concerts. I think next year I'll spend a lot of money to get tickets in the pit. Then Marissa and I went to Atlantic City for a few days. It wasn't very eventful, but it was a nice ride and it was nice to get away from my horrible job for a few days. 

Other than that, everything has been great. Who am I? I don't think I've ever said that and genuinely meant it before. 

But I am sweating a lot. I sometimes wonder if my grandma has ever heard of air conditioning. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sleeping on my grams porch again dreaming... I said, I said, why don't you just drop dead 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The battle's only halfway done; I might look young but I'm no less defeated

So I'm having more car troubles.
I'm having more life troubles and it would be nice if they just went away.

I feel like I've had the same revelation 37 times and here I am. Do you ever think "I don't need to be here [in this poaition] but I'm too tired to leave". Too tired to find something else and to waste energy on things you don't want to explain to someone else. I wish that people just came with a manual and bullet points about their lives and whatnot so you didn't have to waste time getting to know them. Like you can decide from their manual if you want to waste your time. That person wouldn't write the manual, it's just something that gets written as they grow up. 

And then you don't have to have the same conversations a million times.
"Yeah yeah yeah I know I know I know"
"No I don't freaking know" (I 100% know) 

I worked at old navy yesterday. That place is a mess. The new manager is horrible. I didn't get my schedule for this week (Sunday- Saturday) until Friday night at 9:43pm. That is ridiculous. We're supposed to get them Thursday morning at the latest. We usually got them on Wednesday with the last manager. I don't know why I'm still there, honestly. I just really like to stick around when I'm comfortable apparently. And I'm really comfortable there because I'm at the veteran status of doing whatever I want. All of the other managers know me pretty well other than the store manager. They generally let me do what I want, so I can't complain about them. But I went there yesterday and there was so much running (aka clothes in the fitting room that need put back on the floor) it was overwhelming. The store was such a mess I don't know how people were shopping. Imagine Black Friday times 3

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bored this morning

In case anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday (I'll be 27 and very sad that I'm a year closer to the dreaded 34):
Holden in N.Y. Literary Candle - Inspired by The Catcher in the Rye // All Natural Soy Wax, Handpoured 8.5oz
I'd like this.

It's really very beautiful. 

I'd also like to do something today. I went to the outlets yesterday with two of my friends and I'm the worst person to shop with. I can't wait around for people to try on clothes when I don't want to. Then we went to BRGR and I had a meh burger. It was too expensive AND THEY DON'T INCLUDE FRIES. What kind of nonsense is that? 

Other than that I woke up at 11:00 (!!!!! what am I? 16) and I've been watching 2 Broke Girls wishing that I was Caroline. I need to go for a walk or something because it's so nice outside today and what else am I doing? Let's be honest. I've just had three cups of coffee but my uncle is working on the upstairs bathroom so I can't really go.

I guess I still need to return my redbox movie...It's getting ridiculous. I got Whiplash and I actually really liked it. It made me like Jazz music. And Miles Teller drumming wasn't too bad either (that was the reason I got it)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

ignorance is your new best friend.

So my grandma hit me with a pizza box as I was coming up the basement stairs and she is telling everyone about it. It's not that big of a deal, Grandma, this isn't the first time.

I had a very boring, unproductive weekend of drinking. Didn't I just say I don't want to drink anymore. Well, I touched alcohol three days in a row. Friday Alex and I got happy out of light up princess glasses
So basically we were the luckiest girls in the world. The Reds got those for some reason and this was the first time we used them. I think I had a decent amount because I posed an ad on Craigslist in the W4M section...I just asked for a guy who can quote FOB lyrics at the drop of a hat. I said chubby with a beard. And you know what the funny part is (not that I'm desperate and extremely sad, but...) Craigslist flagged it as inappropriate. Men write the most disgusting things. Why did they take my post down... I'm literally just trying to find someone who can jam out on long road trips with me and hold my hand at the same time. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it's a really inappropriate thing to want. 

Saturday I went out for St. Patrick's Day. We went out pretty late (7:30) as most people started drinking around 9:00 am. Half the people left a bit after we got to the bar and then the rest left a little after. So Whitney and I awkwardly sat in the corner. Some creepy guy started talking to us and I think my problem is I really can't feign interest. I mean, Whitney can keep guys talking to her cause she talks to anyone. This guy literally walked away from us because I wasn't paying attention and I thought that he was talking about potato chips. When he asked me what we were talking about I said potato chips and I guess we weren't talking about that and then he made fun of me and walked away. Started talking to someone who was actually pretty and most likely less interested than me. Anyway, I need to figure out the art of talking to people and pretending that I care. I care sometimes, but I don't care about some 32 year old man (by the way that's way too old to be out celebrating. I'm pushing the limits at 26) who is in the process of getting divorced and makes girls look at pictures of his dogs. I just don't care. Then I made a mistake, but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Wasn't a can of worms that I was secretly partially hoping for. And we went to another bar where Whitney bought us a crap ton of pizza and apparently it was a bar that I barfed in once upon a time...I miss college. We got Uber to drive us home even though I insisted on walking because I wasn't drunk and it was only mildly cold. But she got it and we got an older guy in a nice ass car. It was the most comfortable back seat I've ever been in. Then I drove home and binged on everything in the fridge and went to bed. 

I didn't get up until 11 today. I mean, I went to bed at 3:00, but still. I  hate wasting the day. I cleaned my room and then went to lunch at Aladdin's and had a falafel and ate way too much. I'm still full as hell at 10:00. I worked at Old Navy and it was lame of course. And they roped me in to working tomorrow after work too. Ugh.
I'm too nice. I drove a girl home because she had to take the bus. And Lawerenceville isn't that far out of my way. I'm trying to be nicer to people. And my manger told me that this girl is 23 and has been divorced 2 times already. 

Not looking forward to tomorrow because I'm hella low on productivity.  Had a shot of whiskey for grandpa tonight. I hope everyone had theirs.

Friday, March 6, 2015

If winter ends

It really sucks when you need to talk to someone but they don't exist anymore. They're off

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I hate to see your heart break

I'm trying to think if anything interesting has happened since I last wrote.
Obviously the answer is no.

The only thing noteworthy is that I was driving around at work and I found a two year old boy standing in the snow in the middle of the road wearing a diaper. I still can't believe that happened, but I try not to think about it and the consequences. I spent a lot of money on bras today...Ugh I really need to stop online shopping. At least for me, nothing ever fits so I end up sending it back anyway.

In other news, I'm over winter. I've never been more ready for summer than right now. I honestly can't remember a time where I wasn't freezing or worried about slipping on ice. Which I did. For the first time ever. My wrist still hurts and that was on Tuesday. All it ever does is snow. I'm sick of wearing leggings and two pairs of socks and thermals and hats and gloves and scarves. I hate my arms but what I wouldn't give to wear a tank top. And to sit on my porch and read a book. As we all know, the second the summer hits I will be complaining to no end about how hot I am and how much I hate sweating. But we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also, I've never really liked Paramore, but I do like their newest CD. Then I found this acoustic version and I cry it's so good.

take this to your grave, and i'll take it to mine

  • was looking up FOB on Tumblr and I stumbled upon this thing. I'm bored and I have my computer open so here you go:

  • Growing up:What do you want to do when you're older?-- Well, I think that I'm at that point when I'm old enough to know what I want to do...Maybe I'm not, I'm not sure. At this moment, what I'm doing is 100% not what I plan on doing the rest of my life. I think that the whole Librarian thing is still an option. Honestly, I never really think that I'm going to get older, you know. I'll never get to the point when I'm an actual adult who makes choices and goes to bed on time and pays bills on time without the help of direct deposit and has friends that get married. I'll forever be 23 it feels like, no matter how mature I get. 
  • Honorable mention:Ever been someone's second choice?- I don't believe I've ever been anything else other than second choice. 
  • Grand theft autumn:Ever been "the other guy/girl"?- Unfortunately. I can't even be sure if it was by choice or not. I knew what was happening. I mean, does it really even matter in the end? People are horrible. I mean we've all done it and it's happened to everyone. At least when I do it, no one finds out because I'm not an idiot. 
  • Grenade jumper:A friend who's always been there for you. I think that I've never really been in a situation where I really needed anyone else. But I like to think that the people that I'm friends with now are good people who (hopefully) enjoy my company and if I ever was going through something really bad, they would be there for me. 
  • Saturday:Something you've always wanted to do?- Go to the Grand Canyon. 
  • I've got a dark alley and a bad idea...:Ever stayed in a dead relationship?  I'm not sure how to answer that. I guess so. 
  • Nobody puts baby in the corner:Any serious romantic endeavors not many other people know about? I guess a few. I've never talked about the people that I dated before I graduated college. It's not like there were many, but for some reason I just don't talk about those guys. I think that I've brought them up maybe once to like one person. And some I've never mentioned. I guess when I turned 23 I just started telling everyone about everyone. Except, not really. Cause there are some inbetween 23 and 26 that very few people know about. Like some that maybe no one knows. 
  • Dance, dance:Talk about the person you are currently interested in . Well, he works at Get Go in the mornings... Sike. No one. I have literally no one. 
  • Snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers:Share a secret. No thanks. 
  • Thriller:What's a difficult obstacle you've overcome? Literally nothing. Why is my life so boring? 
  • The (after) life of the party:Hardest drug you've done. Nyquil 
  • Golden:How do you think the world sees you? Cynical, yet I smile a lot. 
  • This ain't a scene it's an arms race:How do you feel about the music industry? I really have no opinion as long as they keep making music, I'll be okay. 
  • Lake effect kid:Where did you grow up? Born near St. Louis, moved to California MD when I was 7 then to Pittsburgh when I was 18. 
  • Alpha dog:What's something you're good at? Oh, this is funny...nothing. 
  • I don't care:Do you need attention? Depends on who is giving it and what mood I'm in. But for the most part, no. 
  • Headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet:Someone you admire/envy. Marie Antoinette. Do I need to explain why? I mean, she basically got blamed for the collapse of the French monarchy. Everyone thinks she said "Let them eat cake" and she got beheaded. She was just trying to party and make babies with her husband that never wanted to sleep with her. 
  • West coast smoker:Would you consider yourself emotionally stable? Well, I think that for most of my life I was. But lately... I really don't know. I cried yesterday when I drove past a man who had a seeing eye dog and the dog had him stop at a stop sign and wait for a car to pass. That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It needed some tears. 
  • Just one yesterday:What makes you feel nostalgic? I would say FOB, but no one ever really liked them as much as me, so looking at pictures? 
  • My songs know what you did in the dark:Ever lied about yourself for the sake of acceptance? I'm so grateful that part of my life is over. Haven't done it since college and I will never do it again
  • Young volcanoes:What helps you forget your troubles? Just not thinking about them. 
  • Save rock and roll:Something you believe in that many others have given up on. Literally nothing because I'm always the first one to get bored and walk away. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

they may be your wounds, but they're my sutures.

Well I've officially become a scrub. I've taken several showers this weekend because it's the only thing that will make me feel better. I haven't worn a bra in two days and it's beautiful. Other than the fact that I haven't been able to eat or get out of bed and I've thrown up like ten times. You're welcome for the image. The only thing I've accomplished is watching two seasons of Mad Men. It makes me really wish I lived in the 60's. It's not fair we live in such a boring age, which I shouldn't say because look at all of the cool things that are happening, I just wish that we dressed like they did.  I would look sorta ridiculous if I wore pencil skirts to work. I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I want to quit and live off my savings for a bit. Move anywhere.

I really would like a new computer. I just don't know if I want to spend $800 on a new computer when I have one that works 65% of the time. It works, let's say, but the battery is completely dead and the plug comes out randomly and then shuts off because there is no battery life. I just want someone to find one for me and pick it out. I just hate doing the research. I'm too lazy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The only living boy in New York

You know when you're being hard core crazy? 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Did you ever love her? Do you know? Or did you never want to be alone?

Everyone is really annoying me. I'm confused why  no one else is understanding that MY IPOD ISN'T WORKING AT ALL. It's stuck on the "eject" screen and I can't get it to get off. All of my buttons on the clickwheel are broken, I can only swipe around the wheel so I can't do a hard reset and it's not like they make iPod classic's anymore and I can't go out and buy another one. When things happen to my iPod I start to get a little crazy. It's basically been my entire life since sophomore year of college. We've been through everything together and it holds so much more than just music. I've never loved anything that long or used something on a daily basis. APPLE YOU BETTER HELP ME OUT HERE. I might have to take it to get a new clickwheel but if that doesn't work or it doesn't resolve itself, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want an iPod touch. I hate Apple for getting rid of the classic. The touch is so stupid. Why do I need a touch? I can't fit as many songs on it and I can already get on the internet with my phone. Classic's are so much more durable. I'm trying really hard to be strong right now, but it's really hard. We've been through so much, you don't understand. This is literally the only thing that is always there for me. I've been looking online and the only place you can buy one is ebay and I don't want to buy one if I don't know it's been handled well and is working. 

I can't yell at anyone either. I just need to call someone to yell and get my anger out. But I have no voice so it just sounds pathetic and really hurts my throat.

Let's be honest: There's one thing I can't stand and that's when people say "I'm sorry". That's the worst thing you can say to me and I assume to anyone going through anything. Yes, I realize I'm being dramatic. Oh wow. I'm throwing out the "ya" because I'm so annoyed

I just wish I was Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks would come save me from my useless relationship. 

And honey I only appear so I can fade away

I'm still in love with the new FOB album and I don't understand why no one else is freaking out about it. 

I've been sick for the last week. Well, not even sick, I just have no voice. It's quite annoying actually. The whole not being able to speak thing. 

I don't even remember if I uploaded these pictures. We went to see some wrastling toward the end of 2014. I'm not even sure how we acquired these tickets. They were hand me downs from my cousins and no one wanted us to go, they just had extra tickets. 
As you can tell, they were very far up...

I had to buy a tshirt because I was sweating so much that night. Remember that alter server kid who was sweating so much it looked like someone dumped a bucket of water over his head? That was me. So I spent 30 dollars on a stupid wrestling shirt, but I wear it on an almost daily basis, so I can't be mad. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

You know what?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And I’ll spin for you like your favorite records used to

The only good thing about this week was the new Fall Out Boy CD coming out. I can't even talk about how good it is. Other than that I feel like crap. I actually feel alright now, I just can't mentally handle work at the moment. I gave work my best effort today, but it wasn't cutting it. I'm ready to take another bath. I got this really good smelling bath bomb from Lush. I got a purple bath bomb. And in an effort not gross people out with my legs, I'll let you use your imagination. 

I randomly found these:

I'm not sure how it happened, but I like it. I think these are from 2013; Easter and Christmas, respectively. 

Otherwise, everything has been fairly boring. Work has been lame and busy. I'm ready for a new career. I did this for a year, can't take much more. I made it to a year and a few months. And I have no plans to leave this job, so I'm sure it'll be a year and a lot of months. 

On working out; It really needs to start happening. I could go now but I have the energy level of about a 2.3%. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

all your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine

With 2015, I decided that I was going to try to be more positive...Well, that isn't going so well. I've really given it a good effort, but I think that it's just so ingrained in my mind to be negative about everything, that I don't even know if there's hope for me. I'm really tired of everyone being so negative all the time and always talking about how much they hate their lives and how fat they are and how poor they are, etc,. Now clearly I do the exact same thing, but I'm going to try to do it less. Now that I'm the fattest person I know, it just really irks me when skinny people talk about being fat. It's very hard to be positive when you're floating in a bunch of that smelly water.

Also with 2015, I think that I've gotten a lot better at talking about my feelings. Which is probably a bad thing for everyone else. This wasn't something that I wanted. I love bottling up my feelings, but sometimes it just comes out of me like word vomit, Mean Girls style. This isn't like normal person word vomit, just like baby steps of vomit.

Other than that, I've just been working, playing Sims 4 and watching Parenthood. Parenthood is the best show ever and it's so happy.

One fun thing that happened was our furnace broke on the coldest day this winter. It was -17 wind chill and that morning was -1. We ended up staying at my aunts one night and then the furnace was ready to go the next day, thank God. Alex and I broke my aunts bed frame. Always fun.