Wednesday, December 10, 2014


"I want to see if I can knock some emotion loose" -Dennis Reynolds
I've basically been watching It's Always Sunny for the past month. I've done nothing else. I finally got my pictures to upload from my phone so here they are:
Ahhh my baby

Renaissance Festival

George shooting

At Marissa's run... I don't even remember what this was for. I feel like it was some holiday.

Brews and Blues

Jack and Diet Cherry Pepsi nite

My mantra

Two fat cats and a semi skinny one

Fried Turkey

Happy Ash makin croissants

Lush family photo

Cookin' Thanksgiving Dinner

Fat Plate

Party foul on Gram's end

Ahh baby with GoGo

Baby sneezing (w/ Alexa)

I don't think this is funny, but I find it really funny: So our office is basically one long hallway and there are random small offices on each side. In each of these rooms are just a desk and a phone so we can bring our clients in there or make phone calls and such. My "office" is just a semi large room with 15 quarter cubicles. There is one random small office room at the very end of the hallway that no one really ever uses except this woman named Kelley. So I was back there cause I needed to schedule an appointment. She knocked on the door but I didn't answer because I was on the phone. It's not like the door locks or anything and she didn't try to come in so I didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later I'm sitting in my cube and I hear Kelley say to her supervisor whose office is across from this little office I was in "Was there someone in the office? The door is open now..." So basically Kelley legitimately thought there was a ghost in the office. This went on for about 15 minutes of her asking if there was someone in the office. I didn't tell her it was me just cause the whole thing was ridiculous.