Thursday, October 30, 2014

Basically all I've been doing is listening to Taylor Swift and reading about friends that kill their other best friend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

now and then i think of all the times you screwed me over

So I was browsing Tumblr like I do most of my day, and I came across a cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know" By Gotye. The cover was by Mayday Parade and Vic Fuentes. So, I've been on my pop punk kick and I gave it a try and immediately hated it. It's not pop punky enough for my tastes at the current moment. Then I listened more and I love it.

The first time I heard it, I couldn't place the featuerd singer, Vic Fuentes. I knew it was familiar and then I remembered this piece of amazingness, such a wonderful, beautiful song:

In other news, I've been listening to a lot of country, I haven't been hating my job, my acne is under control and I got my hair dyed some really pretty shade of red.
Oh that.
So I never go to the same person. I don't know why, I can't commit to anything. Her name was Becca and it took her a FULL HOUR to put the color on my hair. I had to wait about 30 minutes for it to set and then it took her a good 40 minutes to wash and cut my hair. Like I didn't ask to waste my whole afternoon, Becca. But the color is quite pretty. When I get my hair this red, I usually dye my eyebrows too, but I wasn't planning on it being anywhere near this red. And I was not waiting another hour for her to do my damn eyebrows.

Also, I need to find a good book. The one I'm trying to get through right now isn't cutting it. I don't care if it is a "classic"

Saturday, October 11, 2014

cause i don't sleep at all without you pressed up against me.

So I guess I have some good news:
I'm honestly sort of bummed that two years of stress and fighting with Honda and myself and all it took was two hours, four spark plugs and a software update. Poof, my car is forever fixed. That was just very anticlimactic. You know? I thought that I was just going in to get my car diagnosed because my engine light was on. I went out to lunch and I came back to a whole new car. 
Who knew it was that easy. 
Thankfully my dad is skeptical and he's tryna call Francis to get the scoop since I just nod when people talk to me about cars. But Francis was nice and he didn't argue with me and so I was like "do whatever". That's how he duped me into paying 17 dollars to get my brake light changed. Like I know how to do that. See, lazy and I get anxious when people are nice to me and I do whatever they say. Thank god no one ever tried to give me candy when I was a kid. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

To take back a piece of whatever's left of that little box that beats in your chest

I get in these moods (probably like everyone else) where I don't want to see anyone. I just need to be alone with a book and wild horses can't drag me away. That's where I'm at right now. I just finished This Is Where I Leave You and I want to start a new book, but they're all in my car which is down the driveway and I'm not in the mood to get bit by a raccoon. Whitney wants me to go out but it's cold and rainy and I don't feel like seeing my old sorority sisters. I got too fat. Only people who've been watching me progressively gain 50 pounds. Anyway, there's just something so completely unattractive about going to South Side on the weekends. I feel like a pedophile when I'm there, everyone is under 21 with fake ID's and wearing really short skirts and tank tops when it's 40 degrees. There are always like 900 people in each bar like the bouncers are completely disregarding fire codes. There's never anywhere to sit and I hate watching everyone get hit on. I hate spilling my beer on people as I try to weave through the crowds. I'll pass because that's a waste of good money and the crappy beer they have in South Side bars.

I really did like that book that I read over the past few days. I sort of feel like I took over the main characters aura a bit. I feel pretty bland. But that could be due to the fact that I just engulfed about 4,900 calories worth of tater tot nachos.

I went to Eat N Park with George today and he ate so much food I thought it was fake. I saw a baby in leopard print and he told me that he wouldn't let me dress my kid in leopard print. I texted stupid asshole to see what he thought (he answers everything with "yes" so George told me to propose. I'll pass). He didn't like babies in leopard print. I hate everyone. My back is hurting so bad it's hard to be in any position. Yoga isn't cutting it, so please feel bad for me and send me funny greeting cards, or flowers. Or Doritos. I also went to the outlets this morning and spent a small fortune. I got lectured about the fact that I could be a teacher and I'm not using my degree. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME I DON'T WANT TO TEACH. I MADE A MISTAKE. I WASTED 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE, I GET IT.

And another random thought. Why am I still receiving selfies? There's honestly not one thing that I can think of that I hate more. I know what you look like... I'm not a 14 year old girl and saving your stupid pictures in my phone and looking at them before I go to bed, I don't care how cute you look.

I'm also constantly slipping between anxiety and sanity while I'm on call. I don't do well with responsibility.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I've got to leave here and move on with my lonely life

Well, everyone...I'm sorry for the sub-par blog I posted the other day, but what do you expect?

What have I been doing lately? I finished a book, I went to Johnstown to see Marissa, got pretty drunk, made a whole bunch of cute lunches/breakfast/dinners, got new tires, went to pick up some books at the library, ordered 120 dollars worth of stuff from Victoria's Secret when I should be paying off my credit card and oh, I started applying to new jobs. It's a habit. I don't expect any calls and I'm not entirely sure if I want them. It's just habit at this point. It'll be a year next month. The longest I've ever had any of my full time jobs. I can't handle that commitment. I can't take an anniversary with anything in my life, let alone work. Aside from Old Navy, a place in which I have no idea how my discount still works as it's had to have been over the 90 day mark. It'll be 5 years. I can't believe that. I started working there fall semester of my senior year. Geeze, I feel old as hell. 

Good news, the sun is out and the leaves are falling and I was able to NOT get stuck in the parking garage today like I thought. Who leaves their wallet at home? Oh, me. I wanted to go shopping afterwards. Not like I really need to spend anymore money. Maybe it was God's way of telling me to slow my fashion roll. My love handles and back fat can just shine through in my too tight shirts. 

That's depressing enough for one day. 
Back to reading.