Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh I remembered what it was: I always have a problem with timing. When something happens that's supposed to make me mad, I don't realize it's bad until two hours later.

always hungry.

I read this book (finally, yes, I finished a book!) a few weeks ago and I thought that I could write about how horrible it was. This is probably contradictory because I always say that there's no point in reading a book you don't like, so obviously I liked this one. I really didn't though. I guess I liked the writing, the plot was horrible and there was no character deopment. Anyway, I thought that I was going to like it a lot since I loved About a Boy (the movie, never read the book). 

I'm catching up on Secret Life and I honestly can't even describe how horribly horrible this show is. I have no idea why it's still on the air and why am I watching it. That's the more important question. I think that if this was a show about adults, it would make more sense. I just think that the issues that are going on in this show are too adult for teenagers. Now, I wasn't cool at all in high school and I had no friends so I'm honestly not sure how normal teenagers function. 
And this whole Kathleen thing. She literally moves from one husband to the next. There really is no grieving time behind it. Amy is failing summer school. HOW DO YOU FAIL SUMMER SCHOOL? Grace and Jack just need to be together. It's getting stupid. Just be together. 
 Also, Ben looks like a pterodactyl. Lauren is so ugly. Why are the parents always so interested in their kids lives?

Man, I had so much I wanted to say but I can't remember anything. It was some pretty juicy stuff. Oh well, I'll just wait till it happens again and maybe blog about it then. Until that point, I'm just going to keep watching this horrible show and expanding my waistline.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I need to take a nap

Jamie wants me to write a blog because she's bored at work.
Man, if I did everything that people asked me, I'd be a completely different person.

But because you took the time to come and see me this weekend...
here's the promise that I'll write something later.

and you can see what i had for lunch

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've got 99 problems and food is about 57 of them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everybody wants to know what my Achilles heel is.

So I had my official last day as a TSS. I wanted to cry, but I restrained myself this time. I cried when I told my old lady client that we were done. All she cared about was who was going to take her to the pool this summer. She told me not to cry, but that only made it worse. I hope she doesn't say mean things about me like she does about all of her other past Hab Aides. She likes me though so I doubt we'll have that problem. My first little client that I had from my first day of TSSing I'm going to miss a lot but he has a million people rooting for him and caring about him. We spent our last day on his porch with his mom and nurse blowing bubbles.
Tonight with my newest client, was really sad. I made him give me like 80 hugs and I tried so many times to get him to say he was going to miss me . Sucks he has no idea he's never going to see me again. I took a 4 minute video of me trying to get him to say my name. I just felt like I made so much progress with him and he loved me so much. I'm honestly extremely jealous that they already got him a new TSS and she gets to spend time with him and I don't.

About leaving Best Buy. I'm so happy. There will be no tears. I like to compare it to Holden leaving Pency Prep. If I was closing, I would scream Good night, ya morons" but I'm done at 430 so that wouldn't make much sense. I'm going to miss one person who I'll never see again, everyone else I could care less about and the people that I would miss, I'll still be able to see them.

Goodbye. Sayonara, see ya later, i hate all of you and everything about working at Worst Buy. No more asshole customers. no more need to scream "go away, blue oatmeal" every night.
I'm not looking forward to the new job, honestly, but I need a change. I'm hardly making more money than I'm making now, but it'll be one job and I'll be able to eat dinner with my family and not come home every night at 9 and have to microwave leftovers.

I'm at the gym right now and I haven't eaten since two so I'm all blah but I need to burn some mad calories. I need to start running again. Or be more in shape at least. This bike is killing me. Sweating like a pig

Monday, June 11, 2012

everyone knows all the honest ones lie

And again, I have nothing to write about. I'm just uploading pictures to Flickr as I stated in my Twitter. I need something to do with my life. And I wish I was good at taking pictures, but alas, I'm not. I'm horrible at that like I am at everything else. Why aren't I sleeping? I need to do that ASAP. I don't want to think about working tomorrow. 
My battery is going to die. ugh

As much as I hate Kirsten Dunst in everything else, she plays a mean Marie Antoinette. God I love her. Marie Antoinette, not Kirsten. I just wish I could eat cake all day. Oh wait... I do. 
I was just thinking tonight about how jealous I get. It's pretty intense. I guess I'm just a girl but I've never been like this before. Who decided to let me have feelings? That was a horrible idea. Anyhoo, I'm in need of a new life. And at least I'm getting out of some bad places. 

I firmly believe that everyone should work in retail at some point in their lives so that they understand how annoying they're being when they ask for help. Today I was just doing my job and I asked a man who looked lost if he was finding everything okay and he just says "No" and then waits for me to say something. I don't want to play 20 questions I just want you to tell me what you're looking for and I'll lead you to it because you're a 40 year old man and you obviously know everything and I'm young and a female and therefore incompetent and can't actually help you. So he says "CD cleaners". I take that to mean he wants a device that you stick a cd in and it cleans it. Because that is what he said. So I bring him to the section and pick up the product and hand it to him. He holds up his hand and says "No, no". NO NO? Am I a toddler? Yes, yes, this is what you asked for. He wanted a lens cleaner. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So this boy that I went to college with and I had about 50 classes with since he was also one of 5 secondary social studies majors, was arrested for sleeping with his student. I can't stop thinking about how I would turn around in our Russian history class and we'd just make jokes the whole time. It's mostly weird because he was one of those teachers pets type of students. I really can't even think about it anymore.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

when i feel your velvet, i can't help it.

Alright, I'm obsessed with Alex Winston.
I'm sorry.
Have me send you this cd whenever you get the chance.
I'm like a dancing fool.
And when I say that, I mean I'm sitting on my bed staring at my computer not moving at all.

Did you know: It's really hard to type with fake nails. I mean, they're tips, but dang. I'm having the hardest time doing anything. I didn't go to the bathroom for two days because I couldn't get my pants down. I look like white trash with them, but I'm not too concerned. I wanted to do something, so there that is.
I'm also about to get all of my hair cut off. Eventually. This isn't for a few weeks when I have time to breathe. I have the longest list of things to do: several different doctor visits, the dentist, I need to hang all of this stuff up on my walls, paint my room (if my gram will let me...), bring like 800 shirts to the Goodwill, go through the 900 magazines that my mom always brings up for me when she visits, do a crap ton of paperwork, listen to all of my new music, not be fat, not have mass amounts of acne, clean my room, return about 300 dollars worth of stuff that I decided I don't need, pay some bills, mail some letters. Who knows. There's just endless amounts of stuffs that I need to do. I like to make lists but that never goes over very well. I always end up doing about two things on a list and then I lose the list. Or I just keep staring at it until the things on the list just get so overdue that they become pointless.

I also vow to start reading again. There are several books that I start reading and I actually really like but I can't finish them because by the time I get three chapters in they're 2 weeks overdue at the library. I swear I keep the Allegheny County Library system in business. 

Here's a picture that I took last May, but I hope it suits ur fancy. See what I did there? I was trying to be like J.D Salinger with his mass amounts of italics.

Any-ho, I wish that I had some fun things to write about. I'll tell you about my birthday weekend. My birthday was on Thursday, May 31st, for those of you who forgot. On Wednesday, my aunt took me out to this place in Crafton called Serafinos and it was amazing. I got this mushroom ravioli and I can't even describe how much I loved it. Then Thursday, I went to get my nails did and eat Chinese with my friend Patty (and then I had to go to work, massive bummer), then when I came home I made my uncle take me to get more Chinese. Yes, I'm aware I have a problem. I've been to meetings. Then on Friday, Todd took me to a  Japanese Steakhouse and it was yummmmmy as well.  There was a weird old guy who we thought was going to talk to us the whole time, but he ended up only introducing himself. His wife, however, decided that it would be a good idea to have the chef squirt some weird clear liquid in her mouth. The chef got it all over her shirt and face... Then on Saturday, my client made me an adorable sign and when I got home from work I had lasagna waiting for me.
So, I mean, I guess I had an alright birthday.
I have some cute friends. Aww
Sucks I didn't get to see the people I always spend my birthday with :(