Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I keep having this recurring dream where I'm in Bed Bath and Beyond but there is always a bar behind the linen aisle. Granted I've been in said Bed Bath and Beyond twice in a dream, but I still think its weird. The bartender was different both times. And at this bar they only serve beer. Last night I was with my aunt and I was drinking. Beer while she looked at sheet sets.
I guess I was at some sort of Worst Buy convention during this dream as well. We were at this really old hotel (was a Best Western if you're interested) that looked like it was from the 1800's and it was also part library. I was with two Phi's and we were in some closed off room rocking on wooden horses, but alas, we got yelled at by an ancient librarian.
Then there was this girl who works at Worst Buy who I absolutely can't stand, and she was giving some speech about how she got promoted and everyone booed her. My subconscious is so kind to people I don't like.
I also got a text explaining that a certain someone has moved on. Again, thank you subconscious for making me feel like crap. Then again, I dream moved on. Or in this case moved back, technically.

And now I'm with my client. I'm watching her clean. So far today I've been called a slave driver and a prison warden. All I'm doing is sitting on her couch reading Newsweek and shes the one that started cleaning. I've got her on such a routine.

Please. What is my life

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The past three weeks were the saddest weeks and the words you said oh, they made me weak

I'm not sure why I'm blogging while I'm at the gym ( current calorie burn: 351) but I'm bored already. I wish I could be in shape enough to run outside. Today was such a nice day I was contemplating putting on my bikini and laying on the roof.

Anyway, while I'm at the gym I want to discuss the amount of children that are here. I'm not saying "children" to describe 19 year olds. I'm talking about 7 and 8 year old kids. Why? I understand the ballooning obesity crisis but really? Go sign your kid up for basketball or lacrosse. I think the latter is finally catching on here in Pittsburgh. There are about five 16 year old girls who look like they're about to go to prom they have so much makeup on... Should just let your kids be fat. Let them wait till their our age before they get broken up with because they're not some girl who always wears her thinning hair in some ugly ponytail and owns nothing but navy blue sweatshirts.

Another pet peeve. DO NOT TEXT ME WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. I'm sorry that all of your fangirls got bored with your ridiculous behavior so you have to talk to me again. Maybe you heard through the grapevine that I'm repulsive and alone and you thought you'd try again. Or probably you have some scumbag radar that allows you to know these things.

Okay I think that's enough.
Calories burned at the end of the blog: 429

I need a lyfe

Monday, February 27, 2012


God I hate this.

Let's just fast forward a few weeks, okay?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your swords grown old and rusty

You know, being mad is so much better of an emotion than being sad. Thank you, asshole, for being such an asshole. I feel so much better now.

maybe one day boy we can bone so you can brag to all your homies

Not like you care, but here are my favorite albums/songs. In no particular order and I've probably forgotten about 17 million of them. 

The College Dropout- Kanye West
I love this album so much. I just tweeted about it because it's that awesome. I should hate Kanye because he really is racist, and I'm anti, but every song makes me laugh. I can relate to a lot of the songs because he always talks about working shitty part time jobs (always at Gap haha) and not knowing what you're going to do with your life. My favorite part is the contradiction. In "All Falls Down" my man says "I can't even pronounce nothin' pass that Ver-say-she" yet in "Champion" he sings "I don't know why I need a stylist, when I shop so much I can speak Italian". Don't care. Love you. 
Favorite Songs:
The New Workout Plan
Slow Jamz
All Falls Down
We Don't Care

Ten-Twenty-Ten, The Generationals
This song is just amazing. If you're running it will keep you running forever. I could listen to it for an hour straight. Just everything about this song is perfect. There isn't a torrent for the CD so I haven't really heard any other songs. 

Difficult, Uffie
Already wrote about this one a year or two ago. Just love this song. It reminds me of myself. This is one of the best songs ever.

Giving up the Gun, Vampire Weekend
I also wrote about this song forever ago. Jake Gyllenhall really helps. 

Champ, Tokyo Police Club
I love every. single. thing this band produces. I think it's amazing when a band actually grows, because I feel like it never happens. Usually you love the first album and then slowly start to fade as they continuse to produce music. Not with TPC. Their music gets better and better and better. Never stops being amazing. I'm always in the mood for them. 
Favorite Songs:
Not Sick
End of a Spark
Favourite Food
Favourite Color
Hands Reversed