Monday, November 28, 2011

philosophy that you can dance to.


I figured out how to collage shit.

why is the resloution so shotty, you ask?
Well, I have no idea. Blame Picasa. 
I'll try to make some better ones tomorrow, I guess.
I saw the Muppet Movie today and it was adorable. 
I ate too much food at Cheesecake.
I really liked my outfit today. 

Why is there nothing good on TV anymore?

Do you know how complicated iCloud is? It's very hard to figure out. But I did it. 
go here

And then follow the steps. It's extremely simple once you find this website (assuming you have Windows 7)

And now that I can easily find pictures that I take with my iPhone on my computer, you'll be getting a lot more pictures since I don't have to send them to my email and then download them to my computer anymore.

Here is our new living room:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My life is an awesome teen movie.

Today, I kept thinking about all of these scenes from two of my favorite movies (She's the Man and, of course, Mean Girls). 

First off, Mean girls because there is this girl, who shall remain nameless, and I don't like her. Anyway, I've decided to befriend her due to advice given in Mean Girls. 

"I knew how this would be solved in the animal world. But this was the girl world, all the fighting had to be sneaky"

And also, "have you ever walked into a room to realize that someone was talking about you?"

Secondly, She's the Man. People kept bringing this thing up and even though I'm pretty sure no one knows of my connection to said event, every time someone would look at me, in my head, I would go 

"Oh My God, he knew"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Pt I

Please don't get offended by this if you actually like Twilight. 

Just to let you know, I truly enjoyed the third installment of this saga. The first movie was so bad I couldn't believe it was actually happening and the second movie was tolerable. So with this pattern, I assumed that Breaking Dawn could only continue in the progression of quality. Boy, was I wrong. 

For the past couple of months I've been eeking out whenever the commercial for this movie came on, quickly texting everyone about said excitement. I keep telling people "Wow, Twilight looks so good!" and I honestly haven't been this disappointed since Jimmy wasn't waiting outside for me that first week after I was done volunteering. Then I got over it, so I assume this will be the same thing. 

I only read the first two books and it was basically torture getting through the third book so I had to stop in the middle of it. 
Anyway, let me chronicle my emotions during this movie. And I truly apologize if I spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet. 

The Dream:
I almost died laughing. Bella and Edward standing on top of a pile of dead people? A flood of blood. Her dress was amazing in the dream, I'll give her that.

The Wedding:
Honestly was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen, real life or otherwise. I mean, I don't have much to go on seeing as the last wedding I attended was Steeler themed and both the ceremony and reception took place in a fire hall with fold out tables. But the lights hanging from the trees and the altar and Bella's wedding dress, and just the overall mood was perfect. I loved everyone's (except Alice's) dresses and all of the girls' hair styles were nothing short of perfect. Bella's shoes. Let me repeat: Bella's shoes. 
What was with their vows. Why did the priest disappear? Why did all of the guests disappear as Bella and Edward had a 45 second make out session? 

The Honeymoon:
What was the point of them going through Brazil? How do the Cullen's have that much money that they can afford an island of that size and build that awesome house AND have two servants? Why did Alice do all of Bella's packing? Why was there so much nudity? Why was there so much time spent on the sex scenes when neither Robert Pattinson or Kristin Stewart have one ounce of sex appeal? Why was the chicken that Bella was eating so red? Did they not cook it? Why did they spend so much time playing chess? Why didn't having sex kill Bella like Jake thought? 

The Rest of the Stupid Movie:
Why was Jake clothed the entire movie? I could have sworn that he took his shirt off in the preview. I think if I read the book I might have understood it a little better, because I was honestly confused when this sappy teen romance turned into a sci-fi movie. Was the treaty broken or something? Who was Leah and where did she come from? I think after the honeymoon I laughed about 348 times. Bella looked like a Holocaust survivor. How in the world did they get her that skinny and could I please talk to her dietitian? The birthing scene was the cherry on top of the cake. Whenever her back cracked in two, Alex, Uge and I busted out laughing. Like people were legit mad at us at how loud we were being.

The Absolute Funniest Part:
When the wolves were on the beach and they were talking to each other. Why did they sound like Transformers? I was crying laughing so hard at this part.

Friday, November 18, 2011

you're never gonna fit in much, kid.

I hate when people ruin social networking sites for me.
This is why I love blogging: I have no idea who is reading this.
You've ruined Twitter for me. 
Half of the people that follow me have ruined it. 
I can't tweet about how annoying certain people are or how much I hate them because now they're following me on Twitter. 
And this isn't really a recent development. 
I'm just saying. 
I hate having to sensor myself because I don't want you to know I'm angrily tweeting about how much of a slore you are. How needy and annoying you are.
Way to ruin my electronic persona. 
You are forcing me to pretend like I'm nice and giddy.

Anyway, end rant. 
Blogger is really starting to get on my nerves with the lack of ability to post pictures.
Every time I try to do it, my computer freezes. 
Please, let's go back to the old interface that wasn't retarded.
Excuse me, disabled. 

I just want you to see mah new hurs. 

Okay, there it is. 
Forgive the shotty webcam picture. But it's a lot lighter (in my opinion) than it was:
*Please note the first picture on my Instagrm roll*

Sigh, looking at that picture makes me miss the dark red. Even though my hair never actually looked that

For the sake of telling too much of my life on my blog (according to my uncle it's very detailed and I explain too much of what's happening in my life, despite the fact that's he's never read a post. I always thought I was fairly vague but apparently not) I went to the zoo today. 
It was fun and I spent a good 30 minutes taking pictures of both elephants and polar bears.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hair Woes Pts. 1-4

I forgot to tell you about my hair woes. 

Part I
The other day I was just walking around the Northway Mall playing with the cats in PetSmart and wishing that I had something to do that day. Then I walked past the place where I usually get my hair cut and there was no one in there, so I got my hair cut. As she was cutting my hair I was like "whoaaaaaaaaaa I need to dye this". 
Part II
My friend told me that she was good at dying hair and to go to Sally's while she was at work and get some hair dye. So I walk into Sally's and have a mini-consultation with this old lady with straggly hair (which should have been my first clue: never take beauty advice from someone less attractive than you). She tells me not to go too dark and that this one color would be dark enough to cover up the dark red that I had left over . I was skeptical because this color was a pretty light brown. Like lighter than my original color (whatever that is...)
Part III
I go over to Somer's apartment and play with her adorably soft kitty while she dyes my hair. I dried my hair and was like "uhh?" and then just left. I didn't notice how bad it was until I was in my bathroom and my roots were golden brown and the top of my hair was black. Sort of the opposite effect of that style right now where girls have dark roots and light ends. This was not in a good way. 
Part IV
I go to my hair-girl (no idea why I call her this since she's done my hair once) and we have another mini-consultation and she somehow convinces me that highlights are the way to go. I was so nervous the whole time because I've never seen anyone with highlights that I actually like and she was doing extremely small sections of my hair I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. And she didn't even tell me/show me what color highlights she was doing and when I asked she informed me it was  a light caramel color.

Unfortunately, it was more of a straw color. 
When she was drying my hair I was doing everything I could to keep from crying. She asked me if I liked it and while I'm pretty good at lying, I can't hide this kind of thing. I'm pretty sure that pissed her off, which I can't blame her for. 
Now I'm sort of liking it even if I can tell no one else does because only three people have commented on it. One of whom I refer to as "Queen Douchebag" , so his opinion doesn't really count. 

Anyway, I'll have to take pictures before I go back and have her dye it one color. I kind of want her to put more highlights in it so it's blonder.

Why am I listening to Ke$ha?

I'm really not sure what goes through most people's minds. Especially boys. Like, why are you lying to me? No, you can't screw me over and then three months later pretend like you're so sorry and that you want to be in a relationship. I hate to break it to you, but life doesn't work that way. It's not my fault that you liked a certain (then various other) girl better than me ( I won't even get into this girl).
Apparently life does work this way. I'm not sure if I'm just and extremely forgiving person or I really don't care. I think it's more of the latter though. 
I set a reminder on my phone to "Make good choices" and it goes off at 9:00 am every day. I have yet to make a good choice since I put that there, but I like to think that one day it's going to help.  

In a more fun, less depressing note, I'm rereading You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again and until you've read it, you really can't understand how funny it is. Or how much I appreciate it. Granted Heather McDonald has 9000 more boyfriends than I could ever, it's nice to know that someone feels the same way that I do. And it's really funny. It's not as funny the second time around, but unlike Chelsea Handler, she's actually funny.  I'm pretty sure I already blogged about this but I'm upset because I only have one chapter left. 
It's a beautiful thing reading a book in three days. I haven't done that in forever. I think I might actually go to the library today before work and get a new book. I still have to decide which one to get. 

I need to get back to my old habits.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gimme books, people.

I need to change up my blog.
I also need to sleep since I have to be at work tomorrow at 6 am.
I got my new client today and I wish I was more unprofessional so I could tell you stories about this Lass. 
She seems pretty cool.
A handful, no doubt. But hopefully rewarding...

And I know I say this every day, but ALL I've been doing lately is eating.
I'm really enjoying my new make up.
I still wish more people would email me
no one reads my blog anyway.
Also, if anyone has book suggestions that are funny enough to keep me interested because I need to ease back in to reading since it's been so long since I picked up a book. 
And when I say that, of course I mean it's been a week. 
But still. That last book took me over a month to read. 
And it's not like I was reading War and Peace or anything.
I just want to laugh.
Please and thank you.

In other news...
There is no other news. I'm hardly working this week so maybe I'll have time to sit around and eat some more.
Oh wait. I do that no matter what.
Maybe I'll go to the gym...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Other than the fact that I'm being asked when my baby is due, I've got a very empty week ahead of me. 
For the first time I have...
oh now that I think about it, I work every single day. But most of the days are TSS days and it's only 2 or 4 hours, so I can't complain about that. Best Buy is obviously trying to give me hints that they don't want me working there anymore... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?
I'm kidding. 
Everyone is watching the Steeler game and I'm sitting in bed and I'm contemplating sleeping and it's only 8:50.
Usually when I go to bed I wish I could just stay here forever even though I have an extremely uncomfortable and cold twin bed. But it's better than having to actually do anything with my life.
All of my cousins on my mom's side are 18 and they all have better jobs than I do. 
I've decided I'm going to stop compari...
haha I crack myself up.

So I spent about 3 days trying to find a torrent that actually works for A Very She and Him Christmas because I loved when Zooey Deswhatever sings "Baby It's Cold Outside" in Elf but this version is horrible. She sounds like she's just singing with 0% effort. I'm not even sure if it's a positive percentage. 

I wish I knew how to break the spell.

I also thought that I hated these two girls that I work with. One I just met and the other I've known the whole time I've been at BBY and this week I've just decided that we're going to be best friends. Unfortunately the one who I actually like is leaving. But maybe not everyone is as bad as they seem.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i love pop music. sprinkle sugar through it.

I made this cute little decision to only make good choices in November. 
We're two days in and that plan is already out the window.

I keep spending all of this money on shampoo and conditioner but honestly the only thing that works with my hair is Dove. Dove is perfect and keeps my hair shiny and soft. And it smells nice. My hair will never be full so I've officially given up on that dream.